Furnishing store entrance designed and produced by Vetreria Barani, with a fixed, shaped shatterproof glass window, door jamb in aged wood, 10mm toughened glass door with opening pump and stainless st
Glass fences
Glass can be used to close off spaces without compromising the view, or on the other hand to hide a space you don't wish to see.
Shatterproof safety windows
In designing glazing for buildings, we must comply with the range of normative references concerning heat, noise, load resistance and overloading, as well as the fundamental safety principles referred
U-GLASS profiled glass is a reinforced or normal translucent printed glass with a U shaped section. A U-GLASS panel has a light, uniform pattern that is able to diffuse light and the sun's rays. Rein
Poli¨ polycarbonate
As transparent as glass, polycarbonate offers formidable features in terms of energy savings, safety and practicality. Its versatility makes it ideal for use in civil and industrial constructions, wi
Glass fašades
Laminated toughened double glazed façades
Glass roofs and canopies
Glass roofs and canopies designed and produced to meet a range of needs.
Straight or curved parapets
Parapets are hand-crafted, in a wide range of shapes and sizes, all different from each other. Parapets are composed of: 8+8 PVB 1.52 clear or extra-clear laminated glass (1 toughened glass panel an
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